Asset Management

 SFCS offers a discretionary management service to both individual and corporate clients.

To ensure an optimal management of the assets it is being entrusted, SFCS develops specific, tailored investment strategies based on:

  • A close examination of the client's objectives
  • A rigorous analysis of the client's need and risk profile
  • An asset allocation process that produces a set of flexible recommendations customized to the client's immediate and future financial needs
  • A careful selection of first-rate custody banks
  • Access to high quality research independent of any particular financial institution

SFCS is free to recommend the most appropriate alternatives in the market and to seek at all times to minimize costs and optimize return for its clients.

SFCS reports on the performance of the clients' investments with periodic and detailed statements, fully customized to the client's requirements.
Through its sophisticated investment management platform, SFCS is well equipped to consolidate accounts across depositary banks and report globally on performance and allocation.

SFCS offers family office services such as:

  • Financial & Estate Planning
  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Family Governance
  • Tax Planning
  • Trust and successions